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Winter (5 form)

Ласкава О. І., СШ № 18 ім. В’ячеслава Чорновола, м. Черкаси

Learners’ Objectives

By the end of the lesson learners are able: to improve their language and grammar skills; to express individual comments or collective ideas about the topic of the lesson; to use lexical units on the topic; to enjoy and gain interest in foreign language.

Teacher’s Objectives: to develop students’ language skills in unprepared speech of the topic; to practice students’ grammar skills in the discussion of the topic “special questions”; to develop students’
memory, attention, skills of communication; to teach students’ respectful attitude to other nations and their cultural traditions.
Key competences: linguistic competence; interpersonal, social and civic competence; learning to learn.
Equipment: a CD player, handouts, cards with tasks, Family and Friends 2 disc.


Greeting and aims
T. Today we start our lesson with a few riddles and your task will be to guess them and you’ll find out the topic of our lesson.
  • What bites with no teeth? (Frost)
  • When I grow I come closer to the ground? (An Icicle)
From the sky of lead
Silver crystals start to fall
Dust from angels’ hand
Dunes of white cover all
Shifting across the land
What am I?
(A snowflake)
T. So the topic of our today’s lesson is “Winter” and today we’ll discuss different natural phenomena and weather in winter, we’ll figure out the reasons of likes and dislikes of this season,
we’ll speak about winter holidays and their traditions in Britain and Ukraine, and we’ll review and make up special questions.
Lexical work
T. What words do you associate with the word winter?
Stand up and say a sentence about winter and then you may sit down.
(Pupils get stripes of either of two colours.)
T. Now we have pupils with blue and white stripes so we have two teams. A “blue” team is going to write the reasons why people like winter and a “white” team is going to deal with the
reasons of their dislikes.
Game “Battle”
T. I need two pupils to come to the board and speak sentences one by one about winter and its weather until any of them has a sentence left to speak.
T. Meanwhile two pupils will prepare the dialogue. Imagine that one of you wants to go to the river to slide and another one will warn him / her about it.
(Song: Naomi Simons. Family and Friends 2: Сlass Book. p. 76.)
What’s the Weather Like Today?
What’s the weather, what’s the weather,
What’s the weather like today?
Is it cold or is it sunny?
Can we go outside to play?
When it’s windy, when it’s windy,
We go outside, we fly our kite.
The kite goes up high in the sky
And we play until it’s night.
When it’s snowing, when it’s snowing,
We make a snowman in the snow.
We wear coats and play together
Until it’s time to go.
When it’s sunny, when it’s sunny,
We wear our hats and go outside.
We play together in the park,
And have a fun time on the slide.
What’s the weather, what’s the weather…
Listening Comprehension
T. What’s the main sign of winter?
T. Listen to the text about snow and say what snow is and why it is important for nature.
Text for listening
Snow is ice shaped into tiny crystals. The snowflake is made up of many tiny ice crystals stuck together.
Snowflakes appear in the clouds. When a cloud is very cold, water vapour changes into ice crystals.
Each snowflake has a beautiful six-spoked shape which is usually symmetrical. No two are alike.
Ice is transparent. Snow is white because ice crystals reflect daylight. Daylight is white so snow is white too.
Snow is a blanket to save plants and animals from freezing temperature. Because snow keeps heat. Snow is a source of water supply in hot dry countries. Snow is used for fun.
T. Listen once again and complete the sentences due to the text.
Snow is … .
The snowflake is made up of … .
Snowflakes appear in… .
When a cloud is very cold, water vapour changes into… .
Each snowflake has a … shape which is usually…
No two are… .
Ice is … .
Snow is white because … .
Daylight is white so snow is white too.
Snow is a blanket to save … from … .
Because … .
Snow is a source of … .
Snow is used for… .
T. Answer the questions:
1. What is a snowflake?
2. Why is snow white?
3. Where does snow appear?
T. Dears, I see that you need some rest. Look at me and repeat the movements.
(Students perform different movements andimitate winter phenomena.)
Snow is falling to the ground
Piling up in enormous mounds
School is cancelled for the days
Children run outside to play.
Snowballs are thrown in the air
No one has any care about school —
Only fun, because the day is a snowy one!!!
Grammar Practice
T. How do we make a special question? (Making a scheme) We are going to make a snowman from snowflakes. Take a snowflake and there are some words on it. Order these words, get a special question and answer it. Then stick a snowflake to any of the mounds on the blackboard.
1. Celebrate / Ukrainian / people / Christmas / do / when?
2. Kutya / what / is?
3. Celebrate / people / British / when / do?
4. Crackers / are / what?
5. British / why / hang / on / do / stockings / children / Eve / Christmas?
6. Is / Vertep / what?
7. Is / what / Didukh?
T. Imagine that you are a snowman and write a story about this year’s winter. Make up 8–10 sentences.
T. At last finish my sentences:
  • Now I know…
  • Now I can…
  • I still need to…
Thank you for your work, you were brilliant and smart and worked well. Your results are…

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