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Seven kids, three little pigs and the wolf

І. Т. Котик, м. Львів

A musical is a play which includes singing and dancing. All songs and chants in this play are performed with music and movements.

  • Storyteller
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Grandmother
  • Seven kids
  • Three friends
  • Wolf
Storyteller. It is morning. Kids are sleeping. Their mother is waking them up. Their grandmother is preparing breakfast. Their father is polishing shoes.
Mother. It’s time to wake up! The sun is shining brightly. The sky is blue.
Nice and sunny
Nice and warm
The weather is nice today.
Look at the sun, look at the sky.
The weather is nice today.
Storyteller. Kids are waking up. They are singing a song. The grandmother makes the kids brush their teeth every day.
The kids sing a song.
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Brush your teeth,
Toothbrush, toothpaste
Brush your teeth,
Brush your teeth,
Take a shower,
Wash and comb your hair.
Storyteller. The father makes the kids do morning exercises.
Father. My dear kids, I want you to be strong, brave, quick and...
7 kid (the smallest). ... active!
The kids sing and move.
Head and shoulders, knees and toes,
Knees and toes.
Eyes and ears and mouth and nose,
Mouth and nose.
Grandmother. And now let’s have breakfast.
Mother. Very well! You are clever, strong, beautiful and brave! But to be healthy and strong you must eat fruit and vegetables.
Grandmother and Mother sing a song.
Cup on the saucer
Coffee in the cup
Mama’s fixing breakfast.
Everybody’s up.
Eggs on toast
Toast on the plate
Breakfast is ready
Don’t be late.
Two kids sing a song.
Apples on a tree.
He loves papayas.
So does she.
Strawberry pie.
They love oranges.
So do I.
I like pears,
And plum cake, too.
But I love papayas.
So will you.
1 kid. I like carrots.
2 kid. I like beets.
3 kid. I like potatoes.
4 kid. I like sweets.
All together (with surprise!). Really?
4 kid. No, no! I like chips
Two kids sing a song.
Potato chips (crunch crunch) (2 times)
I love potato chips.
I do, too.
Do you like popcorn?
Yes, I do.
I love popcorn.
I do, too.
Do you like candy?
Yes, I do.
But I love potato chips.
I do, too.
Potato chips (crunch crunch) (2 times)
I love potato chips.
I do, too.
5 kid. I like pepper.
6 kid. I like tomatoes.
Two kids sing a song.
One green pepper (2 times)
Onions, too
We like you.
Lettuce and tomatoes (2 times)
You like me.
7 kid (the smallest). And I... I like milk. I want some milk now!!!
Mother. Oh! I haven’t got any milk. My dear children, I must go to the market to buy some milk for you. Goodbye, my dear kids! Stay at home and be quiet, please! Listen to your grandmother!
Father. I’ll go with you!
Kids. Goodbye, Mummy! Don’t worry!
Grandmother. Oh, let’s clean the room! What a mess!
The kids sing a song.
Telephone, television, DVD (2 times)
Answer the telephone.
Turn on the television.
Turn off the DVD.
Vacuum cleaner, carpet, magazine, floor
(2 times)
Turn on the vacuum cleaner.
Vacuum the carpet.
Pick up the magazine
Off the floor. (Clap!)
Grandmother. Oh, I’m tired! I want to sleep!
1 k i d. Mummy is out. She’s gone to the market. Let’s do something!
2 k i d. I like to jump!
3 k i d. I like to run!
4 k i d. I like to swim!
5 k i d. I like to read!
6 k i d. I like to climb!
7 kid (the smallest). I like to play! Look! I have a lot of toys!
The kids sing a song.
What’s in the toy box?
Hmmm. Let’s see.
There’s a rocket and a robot
And a panda for me.
There’s a nice gorilla
And a skateboard, too.
Oh, there’s a teddy bear.
That’s for you!
Storyteller Look! The kids’ friends —  Three Pigs are at the door!
Three Pigs (Rosy Pig, Black Pig, Whi t e Pi g ). We are here, let’s play!
The friends sing a song.
Let’s play tag (2 times)
Let’s play hide a seek.
Let’s play soccer.
Let’s play cards.
Let’s play hide a seek, oh!
Let’s play tag (2 times)
Let’s play hide a seek.
I like soccer.
I like cards.
I like hide and seek!
Storyteller. Look! There is Big Bad Wolf at the window. Oh! Is it Big Bad Wolf?
My teeth are white,
My back is strong,
My legs are short,
My tail is long.
But I’m not happy,
I am very sad.
I don’t play games,
I don’t have friends!!!
I’ll ask the kids to be my friends.
Knock-knock-knock! Open the door!
Rosy Pig. Oh! The Big Bad Wolf blew my house down. It was made of grass.
Black Pig. And he blew my house down too. It was made of sticks.
White Pig. Now we live in my house. It is made of bricks! We are afraid of Big Bad Wolf!!! He wants to eat us!!!
No, no, no!!!
Kids, pigs,
Look at me!
Kids, Pigs,
Play with me!
I’m grey, but I’m not bad!
I just want to have a friend!
And... and... I’ll be a good friend too!!!
Mother and Father are coming. Grandmother is waking up.
Mother. The Wolf looks so funny.
Father. The Wolf looks so mad.
Grandmother. Well! Your friends are clever.
Kids. But the Wolf is so sad! We’ll play together!
7 kid (the smallest). I’ll give him my toys!
Kids. And he’ll become kinder and better to all girls and boys!
Wolf. I have a lot of toys for you! I have brought them! Have a look! (The Wolf shows the bag with toys.) Let’s be friends!
Grandmother Make new friends, but keep the old! One is silver, and the other gold!
Turning to each other, sing a song.
Let’s sing a song,
And clap our hands.
I am you friend
And you are my friend!
He is my friend
And she is my friend
We are the true and lucky friends!
Let us sing, let us dance,
Let us run and play
Let’s turn around
And touch the ground,
Let’s have fun all the day!
Storyteller. All is well that ends well!
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