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I had done before you did!




Part I

1. (c) The wind blew away the leaves that we had collected. 2. (c) She threw away the letter that she had written.3. (a) They showed me the pictures, they had taken during their holidays. 4. (d) In the evening, the children told their daddy what they had seen at the zoo. 5. (c) The boy was very sorry for what he had done. 6. (d) When Simon went out to play, he had already done his homework. 7. (a) Jenny came home, sat down and switched on the telly. 8. (b) Before that day in winter, the African boy had never seen snow in his life. 9. (b) She gave me the book that she had read. 10. (a) We visited the museum that our friend had told us about a month before.

Part II

1. My friend ate up all the biscuit we had baked. 2. The teacher corrected the tests we had written. 3. I gave them some of the candies I had bought. 4. My sister did not see the note that I had laid on the kitchen table for her. 5. We wanted to watch a film that we had not seen before. 6. When he woke up, his mother had already prepared breakfast. 7. We went to London because the Queen had invited us for tea. 8. He heard the news, went to the telephone and called a friend. 9. When she started to learn English, she had already learned French. 10. Jane had already typed ten pages when her computer crashed. 11. By the time he arrived at the pub, they had run out of beer. 12. Before that day we had never thought of going to Japan. 13. I had known him for a long time before I met his family. 14. They did not know where to meet because nobody had told them. 15. It had been cloudy for days before it finally began to rain. (Note: The verb ‘to be’ is not normally used in the progressive (continuous) form. So we use past perfect simple here, even if the emphasis is on the time.)

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