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The Musical New Year Party (4 form)

Шустваль Н. М., НВК «Академічна гімназія», м. Скадовськ, Херсонська обл.

Leader 1. Dear guests, teachers, parents and students! Welcome to our musical party.
Leader 2. Hope you’ll have a wonderful time together with our actors and singers.
Leader 1
Sing a song of winter,
Be happy and gay.
Dance around the snowman
Come out and play.
Leader 2
It is winter, it is cold
Father Frost is very old,
But he is always full of joy
And glad to give me a nice toy.
Leader 1. Our actors prepared a small play for you.
Leader 2. This is a fairy-tale “Twelve months”.
Twelve months


  • 12 months
  • Step-daughter
  • Squirrels
  • Hare
  • Story-teller
  • Step mother
  • Queen
  • (Music plays.)
Story-teler. Once upon a time in a faraway northern land there lived a queen. On New Year’s Eve she wished for a basket full of snowdrops to brought to her palace.
Queen. I promised a lot of gold for a basket of snowdrops.
Story-teler. In the kingdom there lived a woman with two daughters. One of them was her own daughter and she loved the girl dearly. Another was her step-daughter and the stepmother didn’t love her. The cruel woman sent her step-daughter to the forest to pick snowdrops.
(In the forest. The music plays. Step-daughter walks in the forest, she is very cold. Squirrels and a hare appears.)
Step-daughter. Hello, hare! Hello, squirrels!
Hare. Hello! We’re glad to see you here!  How are you?
Step-daughter.  I’m very cold! (A chilly wind is blowing. It’s snowing!)
Squirrel 1. You’re not dressed for the weather! Your coat isn’t warm enough.
Squirrel 2. We aren’t cold with our furcoats on.
Squirrel 3. Poor girl! You so cold!
Hare. Hush! Hush! I see some people around a fire.
(Music plays. Twelve-brother months appeared. They are dancing and singing a song “I like to sing…”. Then they stand around the fire and say.)
January with cold is set.
February is chill and wet.
March wind often ranges.
In April weather changes.
Pretty flowers come in May.
Sunny June brings longest day.
In hot July the skies are clear.
Then August with corn is here.
For fruit September opens the way.
October sweeps the leaves away.
Next enters grey November,
And lastly snowy December.
(Music plays and Step-daughter appears.)
Step-daughter. Good evening.
All brothers. Good evening, little girl!
January. Good evening, little girl.
Step daughter. May I sit near the fire and keep warm?
March. Come up, little beauty.
June. What are you doing here at night?
August. Aren’t you picking mushrooms?
July. Aren’t you picking berries?
May. Aren’t you picking flowers?
Step daughter. My step mother has sent me to pick snowdrops. The queen promised a reward for them. What shall I do?
May. Everything is good in its season.
April. It isn’t time for snowdrops yet.
December. I know that she is a good girl. I met her last winter. She went to the forest to gather dry sticks. It snowed, the cold wind is blew, but she was always merry.
August. I saw her in summer. She picked berries, but never did any harm to the forest.
October. She came here in autumn to pick mushrooms. It rained cats and dogs. No wonder, October is an autumn month. But the girl remained cheerful.
November. You’re right, brother.
Winter brings us snowflakes,
Spring green buds and shoots,
Summer brings us berries,
Autumn golden fruits.
I saw her feeding birds in winter.
Grey was the sky
And the wind was chill,
Icicles hung from window sill.
January. Well, darling, we’ll bring you spring, if you solve the riddle:
“A little old woman
With twelve children:
some short, some long,
some cold, some hot”.
Step daughter. I’ve guessed! It’s a year!
(Music is playing. Squirrels are singing and four girls, dressed like four seasons, appear and dance.)
Squirrels. Look!
The snow is falling!
The wind isn’t blowing.
The streams are running.
The sun is shining.
The birds are singing.
The spring is coming.
Step daughter. Oh, dear! Lots of snowdrops! I’ve never seen so many flowers. You’ve saved me, brother-months.
September. Hurry up, hurry up, dear. Make hay while the sun shins.
MarchBut don’t tell anybody about it.
Step daughter. I promised to keep it in secret. I’m so grateful to you. I want to thank you for the spring. You’ve brought during the winter, and for the snowdrops.
April. We’re sorry, little girl. It’s time for you to go home.
May. We like you very much.
Take this magic ring,
Put it on your finger.
If you need our help again,
Drop the ring and say.
12 months
30 days has September,
April, June and November.
All the other have 31.
But February is a month with 28
And one day more
It always has one year in four.
And you’ll have a chance to see
All of us to talk to us.
July. Good luck to you now!
12 months. Goodbye, honey!
Step daughter Goodbye, brother months!
(Music plays and all actors appear and sing a song “Jingle bells”.)
A Christmas greeting just for you:
Warm and most sincere
To wish you every happiness
Throughout the coming Year.
I want to give you lots of love
And want to say right here,
Have a merry Christmas Day
And then a happy Year.
Leader 1. Now you’ll watch a fairy-tale "Cinderella"
(The kitchen. Music plays.)
Stepmother. Cinderella! Where are you? What are you doing? You are so lazy!
Sister 1. Cinderella! Where are you?
Sister 2. Cinderella! Where are you?
Stepmother Cinderella! Come here! Are you sleeping?
Sister 1. Cinderella! Come here!
Sister 2. . Cinderella! Come here!
Stepmother. What’s the matter with you? You don’t hear me! Bring me a cup of coffee — don’t forget about milk! And — wash my dress!
Cinderella. OK.
Sister 1. Cinderella! Clean my shoes! And bring me a cup of tea with lemon!
Cinderella. OK
Sister 2. Cinderella! Clean my boots! And bring me cup a of tea with lemon!
Cinderella. OK.
Stepmother Hurry up! Hurry up! Go away!
Cinderella. OK.
Sister 1. Hurry up!
Sister 2. Hurry up!
A boy. Attention! Attention! There is a ball in the palace! Listen everybody! All young girls must come to the ball!
Stepmother. Look! What’s this?
Sister 1. What’s this?
Sister 2. What’s this?
Sister 1. It’s a letter.
Sister 2.It’s a letter.
Sister 1. Who from?
Sister 2. Who from?
Stepmother. The prince!
Sister 1. The prince! It’s great!
Sister 2. The prince1 It’s Wonderful!
Stepmother. Girls you are ready! We are going to the ball!
Sister 1. A ball! I am so happy! Tomorrow!
Sister 2. A ball ! I am so glad! Tomorrow!
All. Cinderella!
Scene 3
Stepmother. Come on girl! Are you ready?
Sister 1.  Where is Cinderella?
Sister 2. Cinderella!!!
Cinderella. Yes!
Stepmother. Where is my dress?
Sister 1. Where are my shoes?
Sister 2.Where are my boots?
Stepmother. Cinderella! Hurry up!
Stepmother.Girls! Are you ready?
Sister 1Sister 2.Yes! Mum!
Stepmother.My dear, daughters! You are so pretty! Prince will fall in love! Cinderella!
Cinderella. Yes!
Stepmother. Where are you going? Stay here!
Cinderella. Here?
Stepmother. Yes, here! In the kitchen!
Cinderella. In the kitchen?
Stepmother.You are right! In the kitchen! Clean the kitchen. And put beans in this basket and the corn in this basket!
Sisters.Goodbye, Cinderella!
Scene 4
(Cinderella is sitting and crying.)
Rat 1. Look, it’s Cinderella!
Rat 2. She’s crying! Poor Cinderella!
Rat 3. She’s so sad! Poor Cinderella!
Rat 1. What’s the matter with you?
Rat 2. Cheer up, my dear!
Rat 2. Don’t cry , honey!
(The fairy godmother appears.)
Cinderella Who are you?
Fairy. I am your fairy godmother, my dear girl!
Rat 1. Who’s she? (Your wishes)
Rat 2. She’s her fairy godmother! (Your wishes)
Rat 3.  It’s great! Come on! Say your wishes! (Your wishes)
Cinderella. What wishes?
All. Your wishes! Your wishes!
Fairy. Number 1?
Cinderella. I want a dress!
Fairy. Dress, please!
Rats. Oh! A dress!
Fairy. Number 2?
Cinderella. I want the shoes!
Fairy. Shoes, please!
Cinderella. I need a coach!
Fairy. A coach, please!
Cinderella. Oh, my dear godmother! I am so grateful to you!
Fairy. Goodbye! Wait, wait, please!
Cinderella. What?
Fairy. Come home at 12 o’clock!
Rats. Goodbye!
Scene 5
(The palace. Cinderella arrives at the party!)
Sister 1. Who is it? I don’t know her!
Sister 2. Who is it? She so strange!
Stepmother. Look, where is she from? What happens?
Prince. Hello, you are so beautiful!
Cinderella. Hello!
Prince. Would you like to dance?
Cinderella. Yes, please!
Sister 1.  Look! Look! They are dancing!
Sister 2. What are they doing?
Stepmother. Oh! No, they are dancing!
Rat 1. They are dancing!
Rat 2. They are so good!
Rat 3. It’s 12 o’clock!!!
Cinderella. Oh! No! It’s 12 o’clock! Goodbye!
Prince. Stop! Stop! What are you doing!
Prince. Look! What’s this?
Rat 1. It’s a shoe!
Rat 2. It’s her shoe!
Scene 6
(Cinderella’s house.)
A boy. Attention! Attention! The prince says who can put this shoe on will be his wife!
Prince. Is it your? Put it on, please!
Sister 1. Yes! It’s mine!
Sister 2. It’s mine!
Rats. No! No!
Prince. Is it yours?
Cinderella. Yes! Its my shoe!
Sisters and stepmother. No! No!
Rats. Yes! Yes!
Prince. Lets dance!
(All actors sing a song “Oh, Christmas Tree" Then all children sing a song together.)
Oh, Christmas Tree
Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!
How lovely are your branches!
Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!
How lovely are your branches!
In summer sun and winter snow
A coat of green you always show.
Oh, Christmas tree! Oh, Christmas tree!
How lovely are your branches!
Leader 1. We wish you to be happy and healthy throughout the year and make new friends.
Leader 2. Be happy all the year round! Don’t make other people unhappy! May all yourdreams come true!

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