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Teacher’s notes

Perfect Memory

Dominic O’Brien is the eight times winner of The World Memory Championships and has a number of entries in the Guinness Book of Records including the memorisation of 54 packs of shuffl ed cards after just a single- sighting of each card. How does he do it? What is his system and how can it help YOU remember names, faces, telephone numbers, pass exams, learn languages, win at Trivial Pursuit and clean up at the Blackjack table? You can read about it in his book ‘How to Develop a Perfect Memory’. Here you can read a part of it and help yourself and your students to develop your memory.

Strategies For Managing Attention Problems

Here are 15 tactics that may help children enhance attention and manage attention problems. The following strategies are off ered for enhancing attention and managing attention problems. This listing is by no means exhaustive, but rather is meant as a place to begin. The best resources for strategies are the creative, inventive minds of enlightened assessment professionals, teachers and parents, in partnership with the students they serve. Together they can create multiple alternative strategies.

Classroom Games To Improve Students’ Memory

Do you have students who are forgetful, need constant reminders, or who struggle with multistep directions? Oftentimes the cause of this is because of their working memory. Studies indicate that a child’s “Working memory,” or their “Short-term” memory, may be the reasoning for these issues. Children with strong short-term memories tend to stay focused and on task, follow step-by-step directions, and apply their prior knowledge to new situations.

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