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We want to be healthy (level elementary)

Шустваль Н. М., НВК «Академічна гімназія», м. Скадовськ, Херсонська обл.

Objectives: to revise vocabulary and proverbs about healthy life style and to use it in the speech; to practise modal verbs should / shouldn’t, must /mustn’t; to encourage students to make dialogues; to develop speech and listening skills; to adapt students to communicate in real life situations.

Time required: 45 minutes.

Equipment: cards, multimedia Panaboard presentation, video, a poster.

Good morning, children! How are you? I’m glad to see you today. What’s the date today? What’s the weather like today?
Phonic practice
Look at the screen, please. What’s this? Listen the song, please.
(The song from the cartoon “Doctor Aibolit”.)
We’ve got an e-mail message. But who from? Let’s read.
“Hello, everyone! I’m doctor Aibolit. I’m in Africa now. I help all animals because they are ill. But I want you to be healthy. Follow my advice!”
To be healthy in your life
Don’t forget to do all five.
Get up early, quick and bright,
Exercise with all your might,
In the morning jump and run,
Eat only healthy food you’ve done,
Give a smile to everyone,
Train your body, train your brain,
And you’ll be healthy every day!
What’s this poem about? (How to be healthy) What we can do to be healthy? We can do morning exercises, get up early, eat healthy food, smile.
Right you are. So today we are going to speak about healthy way of life and what we should do to be healthy.
The theme of our lesson is “We want to be healthy!” At the lesson we will make up dialogues, work in small groups, revise words and proverbs, make rules how to be healthy.
Mind map
T. What do think about when you hear the word “health”? What’s health?
— Health is…
P1. It’s sport.
P2. It’s healthy food.
P3. It’s fresh air.
P4. It’s a smile / good mood.
P5. It’s morning exercises.
P6. It’s cycling.
P7. It’s…
T. Yes, you are right! So health is the most precious thing in our life. We can’t buy it but we can do a lot to take care of it! 
Proverbs matching
T. You see it is very important to take care of your health. Everybody wants to be strong and healthy. People all over the world have an old health lifestyle traditions and showed them in proverbs. Let’s match the parts of the proverbs and read them.
1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
2. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
3. Health is the greatest wealth.
4. A sound mind in a sound body.
5. Good health is above wealth.
T. Find the Ukrainian equivalents of the proverbs. What are they about?
1. Якщо будеш їсти яблука кожного дня, до лікаря не потрапиш.
2. Хто рано встає і рано лягає, той здоров’я, багатство і розум має.
3. Здоров’я дорожче багатства.
4. У здоровому тілі — здоровий дух.
5. Міцне здоров’я краще за багатство.
Do you follow these proverbs? Do you eat apples? Do you get up early? (Yes, we do.) 
Check on home task. Pair work
“At the Doctor’s”
Some people don’t take care about their health and have some problems with it. Who can help people when they are ill? (Doctors) You are right. Doctors help people. Your home task was to prepare dialogues in pairs and act it. So imagine you are a doctor and a patient. You have time to prepare for acting the dialogues.
P. Good morning! May I coming?
D. Come in, please. You don’t look well today.
P. I feel terrible! I’ve got a sore throat.
D. What’s the matter with you?
P. My throat hurts. I’ve got a splitting headache and running temperature.
D. You should take some medicine. You must stay in bed and drink tea with honey. You mustn’t go to school.
P. Thanks a lot.
D. Oh, I hope you feel better soon!
T. Thank you for your dialogues. So if we have some problems with our health we have to take care about it and visit a doctor.
Health Code
T. If we don’t want to visit a doctor we should follow some advices. Let’s say what we should or shouldn’t do to be healthy. Let’s make a Health Code.
You … get up early You … eat too much sweets
— go to bed earl
 spend much time outdoors
— wash your hands before you eat
— air your room
— watch TV too long
— eat junk food
— go in for sport
— do morning exercises
— brush your teeth
— eat a lot of fruit and vegetables
— visit a doctor regularl
— play computer games too long
T. Do you want to be healthy? Let’s sing a song. “My whole body can move”
Writing task
T. Now let’s check how you understand these healthy rules. Read and fill in the missing words.
(Cards for all students. All class activity. One by one students work at the board.)
1. Get up early and go to bed.
2. Eat healthy food to keep fit.
3. Clean your teeth every day.
4. Wash your hands before eating.
5. Don’t ear junk food.
6. Air your room every day.
7. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
8. Don’t too many sweets.
Thanks a lot. You are right.
Group work
T. Today we have spoken about healthy lifestyle. Now let’s make a conclusion and make up health rules. Let’s divide class into two groups. One group make a poster what we should do to be healthy and another group what shouldn’t do. (Cards for each group) Then present your work.
Thank you for your work. In order to be healthy we should follow these rules.
Summing up
T. Our lesson has come to the end. We make healthy rules I think it is very impotent for us. I hope you will follow these rules. Don’t forget English proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Let’s analyze our work.
(On the board the teacher sticks the poster with the big picture of the tree. Children have a set of cards shaped like red or green apples.)
You can see a tree. All of you have such apples of different colours. If you like our lesson stick a red apple. If you do not understand something at our lesson stick a green apple. 
Thanks a lot for your work.
Your marks… I wish you to be healthy and wise.
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