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In the kingdom of games (2 form)

Подоляк Т. В., НВО № 6 «СШ І–ІІІ ступенів, центр естетичного виховання «Натхнення», м. Кіровоград

Objectives: to encourage the pupils’ zest for learning English; to revise the vocabulary on the themes “Numbers”, “Animals”, “Descriptive Adjectives”, “Colors”; to review the English alphabet, the Imperative, word order in English questions; to develop the pupils’ unprepared speaking skills; to teach the pupils to work fruitfully in groups; to teach the pupils to be tolerant to each other, to be quick and creative in fulfilling team tasks.

Equipment: a tape recorder, the words of the song “The Wheels on The Bus”, a magic box with the envelopes containing the tasks for the teams, the crown and the magic stick for the queen, prizes for the best players and the team-winner, a poster with the English alphabet, a picture for the game “Ask Questions”.


  • Introduction
T. Hello, everybody! Today is a special day. We are going to take an exciting trip to the Kingdom of Games. Be active and attentive. By the way, what day is it today? What date is it today?
P1. Today is … .
P2. Today is the … .
  • Warming up
T. Do you want to go to the Kingdom of Games? Then, let’s take a bus and sing the song about our trip:
The wheels on the bus
Go round and round (2 times)
All day long!
The children on the bus
Go wriggle, wriggle (2 times)
All day long!
The mummies on the bus
Go “Don’t do that!” (2 times)
All day long!
The daddies on the bus
Go read, read (2 times)
All day long!
The babies on the bus
Go “Wah! Wah!” (2 times)
All day long!
The horn on the bus
Goes “Peep! Peep!” (2 times)
All day long!
  • Meeting the Queen
The Queen. Let me introduce myself. I’m the Queen of the Kingdom of Games. And what are your names?
Ps. My name is … , Your Majesty.
The Queen. I welcome all of you to my kingdom. We’ll play many interesting games. You’ll get to know the names and the rules of these games from this magic box. Now we’ll form the teams.
(The teacher helps the Queen form three teams.)
T. Are you ready? So, let’s start.
(The pupils take the envelopes with the tasks for the games from the magic box and play in teams under the guidance of the Queen and the control of the teacher.)
  • Playing competition games
- Black or White (see Card 1);
- The Alphabet (see Card 2);
- What Shall I Do (see Card 3);
- Compound Words (see Card 4);
  • Ask Questions
Look at the picture and ask as many questions about it as you can in 5 minutes.
  • Draw The Picture
Listen to the Queen’s orders and draw what she says on the sheets of paper. The most accurate drawing brings victory to the team.
The Queen. Draw the table. Draw the plate in the centre of it. Draw a big apple at the plate. Draw a little ball under the table. Draw a kitten to the left of the ball.
Card 1
Make up pairs of antonyms from the list of words. Old, long, morning, summer, bad, right, in front of, shut, to wake up, young, new, short, tall, evening, winter, left, good, behind, to go to bed, to stand up, open, to sit down.
Card 2
Order the words from the envelope alphabetically. What, count, dinner, old, garden, absent, little, to read, sister, brown, yellow, farmer.
Card 3
Listen to the Queen’s orders
and do what she says.
Count from 1 to 10.
Touch the desk.
Go to the window.
Give me a red pencil.
Name 5 wild animals.
Name 5 colours.
Water the flowers.
Open the door.
Show me your daybook.
Sing a song in English.
Card 4
Make up compound words from the words from the envelope.
Class, boy, yard, room, school, text, ball, girl, foot, bed, basket, bath.
  • Summing up
The Queen announces the scores of the teams, names the best players in each team, greets the team-winner, thanks everybody for active participation in the game activities, invites the pupils to visit her kingdom again. The pupils thank the Queen and sing the song “The Wheels On The Bus” which means that their magic trip is over.
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