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Free time activities (5 form)

Шайнога О. Г., Середпільцівський НВК, Радехівський р-н, Львівська обл.

Objectives: to develop speaking, listening and writing skills; to teach pupils to love nature and take care of animals; to respect customs and traditions of the native country; to teach pupils to analyse the events of their life and make conclusions based on their impressions.


I. Greeting
T. Hello children, how do you do? Are you ready for the lesson?
Ps. Hello, thank You, we are good. Of course we are ready.
T. Dear children, today we continue speaking about leisure time. It goes without saying that people devote their free time to their hobbies and interests.
Question. How do people feel when they do their favourite activities? To answer the question I’d like you to solve the puzzle.
  • H — happy
  • O — organized
  • B — bright
  • B — brave
  • I — interested
  • E — excited
  • S — smart
Name the adjectives beginning these initials. The puzzle is on the black board. The pupils go to the board and write down their ideas.
Warming up
T. People have different hobbies. Will you help me to group there hobbies? Come to the black board and write down the names of the groups.
(The children write on the blackboard. Class should be divided into two groups and competition named “Who knows more hobbies” should be held. Pupils are writing and a background music is playing — song about hobbies. Each group has a particular colour of chalk to write down the hobbies.)
  • reading
  • doing the theatre
  • museums
  • art galleries
  • cinema
  • gardening
  • cycling
  • travelling
  • playing chess
  • playing computer games
  • drawing
  • painting
  • handicrafts
  • cooking
  • stamps
  • coins
  • badges
  • matchboxes
  • books
  • videos
  • CDs
  • postcards
  • toys
  • watches
  • paintings
(When the hobbies have been written down we count the words and choose the winner.)
II. Main part of the lesson
Pupils role play the conversation “Meeting a guest”
(As soon as pupils have finished writing the hobbies, a strange person runs into the classroom, looks carefully at the background and begins to argue.)
A strange guest. I’ve heard some music, what’s happening in here? What is in this list? Oh,… hobbies, I see that you have missed a very exciting hobby — killing animals. It’s my favourite. I enjoy catching birds and insects and killing them.
P1. I disagree with you. I have never heard of it. It’s a terrible hobby.
P2. We must take care of animals. I have some pets at home. We are friends. And my hobby is walking in the forest. I always take my dog with me and I feel safe with him.
P3. We are going to speak about more hobbies and we hope you will change your mind and choose a useful and enjoyable activity.
A strange guest: You are very kind to me. I will listen to your stories with a great pleasure. Besides, I feel rather tired after a long travel. So, let me take a seat and enjoy your stories. And my deer will also have a good rest.
T. Dear children, let’s tell our guest about your and your families’ hobbies.
(As home assignment pupils gave prepared the reports, some have made projects. They take turns to present the stories.)
Our guest is listening carefully and at the end she will tell us what hobby appeals to her the most.
P1. My presentation is about my sister, who is interested in embroidering. Our grandmother taught her to embroider when she was. Granny taught us to respect customs and traditions. They are very diverse in Ukraine. She finds samples in different magazines. She likes to embroider nature. Her embroideries are really beautiful. She knows many ways of embroidering. I’d like to show them to you.
P2. My brother is found of painting. He likes to paint people, nature. Volodia attends art school. My brother is good at drawing too. We can often see his work at exhibitions. He has got some prizes for his pictures.
P3. My mother likes gardening. She likes to plant different flowers. There are many beautiful flowers near our house. My mum takes care of these flowers all the time. She waters them while very hot weather. Her favourite flowers are roses. We have them in different colours. My mother often presents our friends and relatives with these wonderful plants.
After the presentation
T. Dear guest, have you chosen anything that appeals to you the best?
A strange guest. Your stories are so exciting. I have gained so much information about different hobbies. I don’t want to kill animals any more. I feel so ashamed. Help me to take up a useful hobby.
P1. I hope that you liked my story about embroidering and embroideries. I am ready to teach you to embroider. Will you join the club?
A strange guest. With pleasure. When does your club meet? Your embroideries are great.
III. Summing up
T. Your stories were really interesting. I see that everybody spends his free time usefully and effectively. Besides, you helped our guest to find a new pastime. You deserve excellent marks for your hard work
Home assignment
You have a friend in Great Britain; write him a letter about your hobby.
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3. Hobby song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYNap8gVNK4
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