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What’s the news? Writing the article (8 form)

Шубіна О. М., Руднєвський НВК, Путивльський р-н, Сумська обл.

Aims: to practise speaking (dialogue); to improve pupils’ listening and writing comprehension skills; to develop the skills of grammar; to develop culture of communication; to acquaint with Canadian singer Avril Lavigne’s life and creation.
Materials: notebook, video clip, newspapers, magazines, word schemes, pictures.
I. Greeting the pupils
T. Good morning dear children! I’m very glad to see you. Today’s lesson is unusual. We have the lesson-interview.
(Клас об’єднаний у 2 групи — два колективи журналістів, які братимуть інтерв’ю.)
Warming up
T. What information do we get from TV (Radio, Internet, Newspaper, Magazine)? What is the fastest way of getting info? Why do you think so? Do you like watching TV? Do you like reading the newspapers and magazines? (Учні відповідають.) Have you any favourite newspaper or magazine? What is it about? Would you like to work as a correspondent? Why? Do you like reading the information about famous people?
II. Main part
The poem “Press”
Lots of newspapers and magazines are nice,
There is always a good piece of advice.
There are interviews with well-known people
And about creative craft with needle.
There we can find a lot of articles and facts
About national and international events.
They provide material about good housekeeping,
Family pets, gardening and modern knitting.
For diet, fashion; clothes and cooking
Modem women today are cooking.
All these things they always can find
In the sections of magazines of any kind.
Press can be daily, weekly or monthly publicated.
It increases our outlook and imagination.
It’s very useful and important in our life.
It gives us some knowledge, pleasure and light.
T. Have you ever heard about Canadian singer Avril Lavigne? What can you say about her life or creation?
(На комп’ютері вчитель показує слайди з фото Авріл Лавін, вмикає уривок кліпу співачки.)
(До класу входить учениця, яка виконує роль Авріл Лавін.)
P. Hello everybody! I’m Avril Lavigne. Now you can ask me what you want.
(Діти розпитують про життя та творчість співачки, дані занотовують.)
P. Thank you, good bye!
T. Thank a lot Mrs Lavigne.
T. So, you have some information about this woman and now your task is writing the article. This table will help you.
Name Avril Lavigne
Age  26 years old
Place of birth Canada, Ontario, Belleville
Family Mother, father, sister, husband
Children  No children
Food Pizza, Coke, grapes
Music instruments Piano, guitar, drums
Colours Black and pink
“I’m with you”, “My world”, “My
happy ending”, “Complicated”,
“When you’re gone”
(Діти працюють в групах. Після чого вчитель перевіряє статті в обох групах, їх зачитують учні.)
III. Summing up
T. So, did you like the lesson? What did you like most? You worked hard at the lesson and I can estimate you so…
Home work
To write the article about your favourite actor or actress.
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