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What Counts As Speaking?

One of the big challenges that language teachers face is promoting oral language. Language teachers andlearners alike often consider speaking the most difficult aspect of learning a language. In several of the casestudies our teacher friends express the difficulties they have developing oral language. If we look at one ofthe teachers, Anna, for instance, we see that she is trying to plan a final task that promotes student speech.She has decided to allow them to use a script during the presentation to ease some anxiety; does this stillmean the students are speaking?

Games To Promote Communicative Skills

This article considers the reasons why games serve as excellent communicative activities. The use of gamescan be a powerful language learning tool. On the surface, the aim of all language games is for students to “usethe language”; however, during game play learners also use the target language to persuade and negotiatetheir way to desired results. This process involves the productive and receptive skills simultaneously. Inthis article the author also shares her experience of some interesting games and their application in thelanguage classroom.

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