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Welcome to the Countries of the Commonwealth

Кузнєцова Н. Ю., політехнічний коледж, м. Хмельницький

Мета: познайомити студентів з країнами Британської співдружності (Австралією та Камеруном), вдосконалювати навички монологічного мовлення; розвиток соціокультурної компетенції, розвиток творчого мислення студентів.
Обладнання: комп’ютер, проектор, заздалегідь підготовлені мультимедійні презентації про країни Австралія та Камерун, маски тварин для драматизації, плакати та карти для оформлення кабінету.
Хід заходу
  • Вступне слово учителя
Good afternoon, dear guests! We are happy to see you here at our annual festival “Welcome to the countries of the Commonwealth”. A month before the festival you’re given a task to prepare for the contest, to find information about the country needed, to make a computer presentation of this country. It takes a lot of time and efforts but we are eager to do a great amount of work as it quite inspiring, thrilling and exciting. While getting ready you learn a lot, you discover your hidden talents, develop your abilities. So, you see, the festival is the holiday of joy, pleasure, mind and talents.
  • Коротка розповідь про те, що таке Британська співдружність
The Commonwealth is an association of 54 states, headed by the British Queen. It includes such countries as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many others. So, why did they unite? They have common interests, ideas and views on such topics as peace, freedom and security. Most of the countries of the Commonwealth are former British colonies. The Commonwealth is a good example of close cooperation between the countries — wealthy and developing. Some specialists say that it is an ideal model of international cooperation.
Today we will get acquainted with two countries of the Commonwealth: Australia and Cameroon. Listen and look attentively and be ready to answer our questions after the presentations.
  • Показ мультимедійної презентації «Австралія»
We want to invite you to the most unusual country of the world, the country-continent, the country where everything is upside down.
Australia is the part of the British Commonwealth in addition to other 53 countries. The head of the country is the General-governor, the capital is Canberra.
The native citizens of the country are the aborigines, only 4000 000 of whom survived.
As you see, a little more than 100 years ago Australia was a wild, unknown country. Almost nothing has changed since its discovery in 1770.
Now it’s a country where the old and the modern go hand in hand, the country of vast deserts and tall sky-scrapes, of tender lagoons and waterfalls, of old traditions, of unusual buildings and new technologies…
If you ask us “What can we do in Australia?” we will answer: “Oh, there are plenty of activities for tourists! You can see a penguin parade, pat a koala, watch the whales, talk to aborigines, swim with dolphins, and climb Sydney’s bridge…
And in 2000 a great sports event took place in Australia: Sydney was a host to the XVIIth Olympic Games.
Make a balloon flight, enjoy the wild beauty of the country and you will get life-long impressions.
Запитання до глядачів після перегляду презентації
1. What is the capital of the country?
2. How many countries are there in the Commonwealth?
3. What can you do in Australia?
4. What great event took place in Australia in 2000?
  • Конкурс “Famous people of the English-speaking countries”
Для участі в конкурсі запрошуються 6–7 бажаючих. Вони по черзі називають ім’я відомих людей англомовних країн (письменників, поетів тощо) до того часу, поки хтось з них не помилиться. Переможцем стає останній, хто назвав якесь ім’я.
  • Показ мультимедійної презентації «Камерун»
Welcome to our beautiful country! Welcome to Cameroon!
Triangular in shape Cameroon is situated at the junction of western and central Africa. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east. The official name of the country is the Republic of Cameroon.
The capital of Cameroon is Yaoundé. It’s a very beautiful modern city. It’s famous for its university which is one of the biggest in Africa. It was established in 1962.
Like any other country Cameroon has a national flag. The head of the state is the President. The President is elected for a period of five years. In Cameroon there are two official languages-English and French.
The country has been described as a “racial crossroads” because of its more than 200 different ethnic groups. Each group has developed its own culture. The national musical instruments are the drums and the flute. The people are very proud of their traditions.
And they are proud of their history. Cameroon is the country where the first cave paintings were found. The ancient people made their masterpieces 40 000 B.C. Later, about 1 000 B.C, the unique clay masks were created in Cameroon. These masks have survived till today.
Lying in the tropics, the country is hot the whole year, the average temperature is about 28 C. Rainforests are evergreen. There are a lot of mountains with picturesque waterfalls. In Cameroon there are more than 70 volcanoes. Near the coast, the active volcanic Mount Cameroon rises to the highest elevation in western Africa — more than 4,000 metres.
Cameroon is often called “Africa in miniature” as you can meet all African animals here. The country’s dense forests are inhabited by screaming red and green monkeys, bats, and numerous birds — from tiny sunbirds to giant hawks and eagles. A few elephants have survived in the forest The Waza National Park in the north, which was originally created for the protection of giraffes and antelopes, abounds in both forest and savanna animals, including monkeys, baboons, lions, leopards, and birds.
The people of Cameroon are fond of animals, they take care of them and of folktales about their favourites.
The main characters of the tales are graceful antelopes, proud lions, wise tortoises and fussy monkeys. Do you know why monkeys look like people?
  • Драматизація
N a r r a t o r. Once upon a time the Lion — the King of the animals — called all his subjects (rhinos, elephants, antelopes, fishes, birds, butterflies and buffaloes) to the council.
They all came, took seats around and the Lions began.
L i o n. I have been watching people for a long time and have understood that they are driving us out of everywhere. They have occupied nearly all the land, but that is not enough for them, they have ascended into the sky, and their planes frighten the birds; their ships sail the rivers and seas and give no rest for fish; they dug shafts and tunnels and life became unbearable for moles and other underground creatures. Let’s think up together a way to stop them or otherwise we will soon be done for!
N a r r a t o r. The animals began thinking but nothing sensible crossed their minds. Somebody suggested starting a war against the people but the other objected and said it was useless to fight against the people as the animals did have no rifles, no machine-guns and cannons and they would be annihilated immediately.
They asked the Tortoise, who was famous for her wisdom. And she uttered the following.
T o r t o i s e. To my mind we should turn to people ourselves, that’s the best way. We will be equal and nobody will be able to oppress anybody.
N a r r a t o r. The animals liked the suggestion but the question was how to fulfill it, and what to do to turn into people. Again they asked the Tortoise. 
A n i m a l s. Help us to become people!
T o r t o i s e. All right, I will…, I will boil some magic herb, pour it into a tub and you will dip into it one after another and so become people.
N a r r a t o r. The animals rejoiced and the Tortoise said she would immediately get down work by preparing the magic herb for the next day. In their joy the animals began beating the drums, fife, dance and sing. They make such a noise and rumpus that awoke the Tortoise who lay down to have a rest. She crawled from her hole into the glade to have a look at what had happened.
T o r t o i s e. Why have you got so noisy? Anima l s. Why? At this time tomorrow we will be people and we are rejoicing having organized this celebration!
T o r t o i s e. Yaw, here’s a pretty kettle of fish… (said reproachfully), being just brutes you behave so outrageously, what will happen when you become people? (And with these words the Tortoise crawled home, crushed the tub and the magic herb flew out onto the ground.)
N a r r a t o r. The next day the animals came to the Tortoise so as to become people, but they saw that the tub had been broken, the magic herb had flown out and only a tiny puddle was left at the bottom. Some of the animals rushed to the tub and started dousing their paws in the remnants of the magic herb and besmearing their bodies. These animals were monkeys — marmosets, chimpanzees, gorillas. That’s why they look like people and all other animals, fishes and birds do not.
(Після драматизації глядачам задають питання до казки.)
  • Заключне слово учителя
Dear boys and girls! Our holiday has come to an end. We want to thank our dear participants, as a great deal of work was carried out…
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