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Speech patterns

Величко Т. О., ЗОШ № 35, м. Одеса

I have been thinking hard how to make teaching more efficient and productive. For years I have been making different supportive materials to help the students achieve fluency and confidence. I call them “structured learning materials” and I gladly present the results of my work.
Very often teachers ask their students just to learn something by heart or strictly rely on vocabulary and grammar proposed. I insist on giving the whole idea of a story or a text within the framework of the given task. I helps better understanding of the problem in question and evelops logical thinking.
Most students evidently acquire knowledge faster when they are given visual aids and supportive clues. A number of synonymous and near-synonymous expressions encourage freedom and independence of speech. In my opinion, this approach is beneficial in many ways and provides students with a sense of accomplishment. Substitution tables have long been proved to be very useful.
Although learners’ speech may seem controlled enough-it becomes less and less so. Vocabulary building progresses rapidly, confidence grows.
Students often transfer these practices to studying other school subjects because the approaches can be universal.
1. Teenagers start smoking because…
  • they want to look older their age
  • they want to look confident
  • sometimes friends insist on smoking
  • they follow friends
2. They conceal smoking from their parents…
  • they clean teeth
  • they buy chewing gum
  • they hold breath when mother kisses
3. They do not feel good when they have their first cigarette…
  • their eyes are watered
  • they start coughing
  • they feel dizzy
  • it hurts them at the back of the throat
4. It is easy to start smoking. It is not easy…
  • to stop it
  • to get rid of it (it is addictive)
  • to quit it
  • to give it up
5. Smoking causes / leads to / results in / provokes…
  • different diseases (it is harmful, dangerous)
  • heart
  • bad coughs
  • chest problems
  • lung cancer
6. Smoking is dangerous for pregnant women…
  • it can affect their unborn babies
  • they can pass their addiction to unborn babies
7. Smoking is banned…
yy from public places
yy offices
yy schools
8. I do not smoke and I am not going to…
1. It is very important to make the right choice…
  • to fulfill your dreams
  • to promote your welfare
  • to gain respect and recognition
  • to reveal your full potential
  • to reach your goal, etc.
2. It is an advantage to make your decision while at school…
  • to understand if you will be able to meet the requirements of the job
  • to understand if you will be able to be adjusted to…
  • to understand if you will be able to apply for a job…
  • to understand if the job suits you
3. Looking for a job
  • Filling the application form
  • Having a job interview
  • Being offered a job
4. A job interview
  • to be appropriately dressed
  • to control your body language
  • to control your facial expression
  • to maintain eye contact, etc.
5. Employers are interested in … workers
  • creative
  • efficient
  • responsible
  • competitive
  • ambitious
6. Employers are interested in…
  • working environment
  • sufficient remuneration
  • working hours
  • job promotion
  • job satisfaction
7. Money is very important but…
  • money is not everything
  • money is not of prime consideration
  • money doesn’t necessarily make people happy
8. Women sometimes…
  • take top jobs
  • make important decisions
  • are wage-earners
  • solve problems
  • work in male areas
9. They…
  • work more and receive less
  • are considered to be inferior to men
10. Women want more…
  • respect
  • recognition
  • independence
  • promotion
  • equal rights
  • freedom
  • job satisfaction
  • job promotion
Jobs for teenagers
Part-time jobs:
  • taking care of animals
  • cleaning, shopping
  • mowing the lawns
  • teaching younger children
  • volunteering, etc.
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