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St. Valentine’s Day

Н. А. Дідовець, Житомир

Виховний захід проводиться 14 лютого. Зручніше проводити його в кожному класі окремо. Оскільки рівень володіння мовою в різних класах — різний. Старшокласники, перевдягнені Ангелом і Чортиком, розмовляють англійською мовою, при потребі повторюючи свої репліки українською. Для учнів 1 класу, що нещодавно почали вивчати мову, англійською мовою звучать тільки окремі репліки та вірші. Учням 2–3 класу доцільно зменшити обсяг, що подається українською. У 4 класі майже вся інформація, за виключенням окремих речень, звучить англійською. Завдяки такій варіативності захід зручний для проведення в класі з будь-яким рівнем знань.
ANGEL. Good morning, dear children! I am an Angel of Love. I am here because today is a great holiday — St. Valentine’s Day. This is a day of lovers. People give each other presents, flowers and small cards. The cards are called valentines. You can buy this card or make it yourself. Look! This is my valentine (shows the card)... It looks like a heart and is a symbol of love. (Opens it and reads)
With all the sunshine things you do,
The smiles you share, the laughter, too
With all the dreams you make come true...
It’s great to have a kid like you!
The door opens and DEVIL runs into the room.
DEVIL. Oh, here you are! What are you talking about? Love! What is it?! There is no love! (Takes the valentine card and tears it.) Here! Here is your love!
ANGEL. Stop! What have you done? What are you talking about?
DEVIL. I tell you there is no love! Who invented this holiday of love?
ANGEL. It’s easy. I’ll tell you the story right now. Listen... Many, many years ago Rome Emperor Claudius wanted all young men to be soldiers. He did not allow them to marry. But Valentine felt sorry for young people who were in love. So he married them secretly. He helped many young people to be happy. That is why he was arrested. While he was in prison he had a very good friend. This friend was a blind daughter of the prison guard. She spent a lot of time with him in prison listening to his stories. And on the day he was to die he left a note for his best friend and signed it “Love from your Valentine”. It was on February the 14th. It was that note which started the tradition of exchanging love cards on St Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated on February 14.
Nowadays this holiday is very popular in the world.
DEVIL. It is a very interesting story! But I still don’t understand what love is.
ANGEL. It is not difficult. I’ll try to explain you. Do you have a family?
DEVIL. Of course, I have! I have a mother, a father, many sisters and brothers. I love them very much! Oh... I LOVE them! I know what love is! I really can’t imagine my life without them. Is it real love?
ANGEL. Yes, it is. It’s simple.
DEVIL. I see. (Takes the torn card) Oh, what have I done! I broke the symbol of holiday, this beautiful heart! I’m so sorry.
ANGEL. No problem. We’ll make a new card right now. Children, can you help us? (Takes paper, scissors, cuts another card. Children help him or make their own cards).
Take some paper, take some scissors,
Cut a heart and then design.
Write a message in the middle:
“Will you be my Valentine?”
DEVIL. Children, what can you write here? (Children tell some poems they learn the poems before the holiday.)
1. Let me call you sweetheart
I am in love with you.
Let me hear with you
That you love me too.
2. O my love is like a red red rose.
That newly sprung in June:
O my love is like the melody.
That’s sweetly played in tune.
3. The rose is red.
The violets are blue.
The honey is sweet.
And so are you.
4. Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue
It’s Valentine’s Day
And I love you
Today I’m asking
If you’ll be mine
Please say yes (Mary)...
Be my Valentine.
5. Valentine, oh, Valentine
I’ll be your love and you’ll be mine
We’ll care for each other, rain or fine
And in 90 years we’ll be 99.
6. Plenty of love,
Tons of kisses,
Hope some day
To be your Mrs.
7. My life is like a cabbage,
Divided into two.
The leaves I give to others,
The heart I give to you.
DEVIL. Dear children, Angel, I’m so sorry for everything I did. I love you!
ANGEL AND DEVIL (together). Children, we love you very much! Happy St. Valentine’s Day! 
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