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My Working Day

Н. П. Бубон, Житомирська обл.

Objectives: to master the pupils’ skills in oral speech; to form pupils’ skills in listening; to develop the skills of reading; to bring up interest to English.
1 Greeting.
Hello, children! Glad to see you! Today we have unusual lesson. We have many guests at our lesson. Your greeting to our guests: “Hello, teachers!”
2 Talking with pupils.
How are you? I am OK.
How is your mother? She is very good.
How is your father? He is not bad.
3 You know many English sounds. I would like to see how you can differentiate English sounds from Ukrainian sounds.
m [t] o [ou] n [p] a [ai]
I [ai] p [r] b [h] n [n]
4 I see that you are good listeners and you know some poems and rhymes. 
Game “Best reciter” 
Recite your poems, please!
[ai] I like
[h] my hands
[r] red rose
[l] look at the door
5 You are good reciters. I see you like English and you want to know English very well. I think you know English proverbs:
Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.
6 Find the Ukrainian equivalent.
Хто рано встає, тому Бог дає.
7 Today we will speak about our working day, about
your friend’s working day, we will count and find
colours, sing songs and we will travel in Time Machine.
8 Now let’s speak about our working day.
I get up at 7 o’clock. Do you get up at 7 o’clock?
Yes, I do. No, I don’t.
9 Asking the girl about her working day. Making two teams.
10 Ask about working day our guests.
11 You are good speakers. Let’s speak about your working day.
My name is…
I live in Zhytomyr.
I get up at 7 o’clock.
I make my bed and do morning exercises.
12 Let’s have a rest!
Recite the poem “One, two, clap”.
13 Today I have got a letter from America from my friend Jimmy.
His mother wrote a letter and he drew pictures, because he can’t write.
Now listen and write the numbers of Jimmy’s work.
What does Jimmy do the first/the second?
Jimmy gets up at 7 o’clock. He does his morning exercises and makes his bed. Then he washes his face and hands. He has breakfast at 8 o’clock. Jimmy likes porridge and orange juice for breakfast. Then he goes to school. Every day he has 5 lessons. After school he likes playing badminton with his friend Bob. At 9 o’clock he goes to bed.
14 Let’s speak about Jimmy.
1. Does Jimmy get up at 7 o’clock?
2. Does he do morning exercises?
3. Does he wash his legs in the morning?
4. What does he like having for breakfast?
5. Does he like playing football after school?
6. When does he go to sleep?
15 Write the words which start with the letters: b, p, f, e, h, j, l, w.
Jim’s uncle John has a “TIME MACHINE”. He likes traveling.
Do you like traveling? Let’s fly in this time machine to the USA.
Game “A time machine” (pupils count from one up to twenty)
16 I think it’s very interesting to fly in the time machines.
We saw many flowers during our traveling.
Do you like flowers?
Which flowers do you like?
I like red flowers. What about you? Put the flowers into the vase.
17 I know that Gooze Gander likes green flowers. But he likes helping him, please let’s sing and dance.
18 Do you like our lesson? What do you like?
19 Hometask: to write a story about Jim.
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