The foоd we eat (6 form)

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Цілі: освітні: формувати та розвивати комунікативні вміння учнів з теми “Food”; практичні: активізувати та розширяти лексичний запас учнів; удосконалювати орфографічні та фонетичні навички, граматичні навички у вживанні звороту there is / are у стверджувальній, заперечній та питальній формах, у використанні some / any та іменників однини та множені, вдосконалювати навички читання; розвивальні: розвивати уміння виділяти загальне і окреме, увагу, пам’ять, логічне мислення, уміння знаходити спільне та відмінне, уміння працювати у парах та групах, розвивати навички аудіювання та читання для повного розуміння тексту; виховні: виховувати розуміння необхідності здорового харчування.
Тип уроку: комбінований.
Обладнання: підручники Enterprise 1, відеоролик Windows on Britain Oxford University Press.
Хід уроку
І. Початок уроку
Т. Good morning children. I am glad to see you. Are you hungry?Did you have breakfast this morning? Are you going to have lunch at home or at school? Would you like to eat something now? (Ss’ answers).


ІІ.Основна частина

T. Today we are going to talk about food. The topic of our lesson is “The food we eat”. We are going to learn some new words, to watch a film about British food, to talk about Ukrainian food and to read about British restaurants.

Tasks differ. Let’s see what food you like and what you food you hate. Look at the pictures and say I like apples or I hate oranges. (Ss’ answers).



  • T.Let’s check what kinds of food you know?
  • Cherries, bananas, oranges are fruit.
  • Tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower are vegetables.
  • Milk, butter, yogurt are dairy products.


T. Read the list of food and cross the odd ones.

  1. tea, coffee, milk, ice cream, juice;
  2. tomatoes, onions, coconuts, garlic, carrots;
  3. steak, biscuits, bacon, roast chicken, sausages;
  4. chocolate cakes, apple pies, fruit salad, sweets, chips.


(Children do the task).


Keys: 1 ice cream; 2 coconuts; 3 biscuits; 4 chips.


T. Boys and girls “Is all food good for our health?” Read the list of words and complete the table. (Students work in pairs). Let’s check. Read your list of healthy food. Look at the screen. Is it correct?


  • cucumbers                  
  • chips               
  • pizza               
  • Cola                
  • cheese                        
  • lemonade                    
  • soup                
  • salad               
  • chocolate cakes
  • hot dogs
  • biscuits
  • apples
  • coffee
  • ice-cream
  • fish
  • chocolate
  • pears



T. And now we will have a look into the fridge of a British family. Try to remember and say what there is in the fridge.(students watch the film).

What is there in the fridge? Use these structures: there is/are. (Ss’ answers).

Is there any unhealthy food in it? Are there any bananas in it?

Let’s see what there is in your fridges! Ask each other questions:

  • Is there any… in your fridge?
  • Are there any…in your fridge?

(Students do the task)


Watching, discussion

T. As we see there are a lot of different kinds of food in our fridges. Do you think British people eat the same? Watch the film and say what people in Britain eat! (Students watch the film).

What do people in Britain eat? Do you like their breakfast? What do you eat for breakfast? (Students answer the questions).


Speaking, writing

T. I like what you eat. Now imagine that you are going to invite me for a meal. Work in three groups. Choose what meal you will me to see at! You have three minutes. Write the menu for your meals and explain your choice. You can use the following. (Students do the task). Thank you for your invitation and menu.


Watching, discussion

T. But people don’t always eat at home. Watch and say what restaurants British people like to visit. (Students do the task).



T.Now we are going to read about one of the popular British restaurants. Before reading look at the blackboard and repeat after me.

  • Sauce – соус
  • Slice – ломтик
  • Superb – супер
  • Service– обслуживание
  • Occasion– случай (событие)


Open your books at page 55. Read the text of ex. 3 and answer the questions. (Students do the task). Are there any Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai restaurants in our town? Do you prefer to eat at home or at the restaurants?


III. Підсумки уроку

Today we have done a lot. What did we speak about?


WB. Unit 8, ex. 1, 2.
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