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We like English

T. Kostylova


-to practice topical vocabulary;

-to teach pupils to work in teams;

-to develop pupils’ memory, attention, ability to think logically, a creative way of thinking;

-to motivate pupils to study and understand English.

I. Introduction
Teacher. Good afternoon dear children!
Good afternoon dear guests!
Today we have a lexical contest “We like English”.
We have 3 teams: Blue, Red and Red-Blue.
(The colours of the teams are according to the colours of the flag of Great Britain)
Let’s introduce our captains:
Blue Team: the captain is…
Red Team: the captain is…
Red-Blue Team: the captain is…
And our referees are:…
Our teams will get a flag for each task (correctly done).
(Each team stands around the table, where there are three containers according to the colours of the teams. And the members put their flags into these containers. The flags are: one — the national flag of Great Britain and another — the flag of the national flowers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.)
The motto of our contest is:
Pupils. We are funny, we are great,
We are ready to create!
Teacher. Let’s start our contest!
The presentation of the contest is on the screen.
II. Main part
Teacher. So, the first task is:
  • 1 Phonetic drill
Teacher. Divide these words according to the sounds [æ], [ ]: jump, bag, have, run, lamp, duster, flat, mother, son, balcony, number, brother, family, uncle.
Teacher. OK, stop.
Please our referees: the result of this part of the 1-st task is…
And now we have a sentence. The task is to read this sentence correctly.
Sam lives in the flat number 1.
Teacher. The next is relaxation.
  • 2 Sing a song “The Telephone Number Song”
  • 3 Match
Teacher. The task is to match the parts and make the word.
Class ther Book cil
Bro case Pen room
Mo ther Fa ther
  • 4 Write these words into the right column.
Teacher. The task is to write these words into the right column.
School things
  • 5 Look and complete: There is /There are.
(Children look at the screen with the pictures of school things and make their sentences.)
Teacher. Blue team, your sentence. Red-Blue team…, Red team…
Physical activity “1, 2, 3 Clap with me”
  • 6 Make a sentence (task for the captains)
Teacher. And this task is for our captains. The task is to make a sentence from these words.
1. teacher, is, He, a.
2. at, shop, the, mother, My, works.
3. is, doctor, a, Mary.
  • 7 Sing a song The Happy Song
III. Summary
Teacher. Our contest “We like English” comes to the end, so, the referees:
Pupils make the sentence from the balloons they have got:
We like English
And sing the final song “We like English”.
Children get the prizes.
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