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My toys. 2 form

Трефилова Т. В., гимназия № 8, г. Севастополь, АРК

Equipment: учебник “Fairyland” starter, multimedia system, Power Point presentation, posters, phonetic cards, магнитные смайлики и грустики, toys.
I. Introduction
T. Hello, my friends! I’m glad to see you.
Ps. We’re glad to see you, too.
T. Tell me, please, how are you?
Ps. We’re fine, thank you. And you?
T. I’m fine, too. Thank you.
II. Warming up
Виды работы: работа в парах, «горячая картошка», шеренги, змейка и т. д.
P1. How are you, Nastya?
P2. I’m OK, thank you. How are you, Misha?
P3. I’m brilliant, thank you. How are you,
Nick?… (Not bad, all right, very well, quite well…)
II. Main part of the lesson
T. So, everyone is OK. Let’s begin our English lesson. The topic of our lesson is “My Toys”.
(Учащиеся хором повторяют тему, называют по буквам (Spell the words) и называют цвет каждой буквы (What colour is letter M? и т. д.).)
So, my friends, today we’ll sing songs, play games, you’ll present your favourite toys. I wish you to do your best and be active during the lesson. Good luck!
(Звучит песня “Colour My World”.)
Look! I’ve got a lot of lovely things. I’ve got something beginning with [ k].
P1. You’ve got a cat.
P2. You’ve got a coala.
P3. You’ve got a car and a cap.
(Игра продолжается с другими звуками. Одновременно учитель демонстрирует карточки, на которых напечатаны звуки.)
[ B ] — apple, ant
[ f ] — flower, frog
[ d ] — dog, duck, doll
[ p ] — plane, pen, pencil, pencil-case
[ r ] — rubber, red, red apple, red car
[ h ] — horse, house.
(Игру можно проводить как в режиме Т — P1, P2…, так и в режиме P1 — P2 — P3 — …)
(Звучит песня “I’ve Got”.)
Wow! Look! What a lovely toy!
T. What’s this?
P1. It’s a train.
T. What colour is it?
P2. It’ blue.
(После повторения хором учащиеся работают в парах.)
T. Now work in pairs and make up a dialogue like this with your favourite toys and then act.
(Контроль можно провести в режиме опроса по парам или в виде игры.)
P1 (выходит к доске, закрывает глаза).
P2 (выходит со своей игрушкой, дает потрогать её и задает вопрос). What’s this?
P1 (угадывает). It’s a lion. (Затем открывает глаза.)
P2. What colour is it?
P1. It’s brown. и т. д.
T. And now let’s sing and play.
(Можно играть как в «Ручеёк».)
And now it’s time to present tour favourite toys.
(Pupils present their toys.)
IV. Summing up
T. What did we do at the lesson? (Pupils’ answers.) So, my friends, you worked hard today. You did your best. Well done! You’re brilliant! I love you! Did you like the lesson or no?
(На доске — смайлик и грустик. Учащиеся выкладывают вокруг них магнитные смайлики или грустики. Заканчиваем урок песней “Hello, Magic Forest”, в руках у детей Characters’ Cut-outs.)
Note: There are many ways to animate the songs. These are just only a few suggestions on how to use the songs during the lesson. Be as inventive as you can.
a) Total Physical Response (TPR) Activities: Have the pupils stand in a circle. Sing and demonstrate the actions, encouraging the pupils to imitate you.
b) Using props: Bring visuals or realia to class. Hand out these props to your pupils and ask them to hold up the prop as soon as they hear the equivalent word in the song.
c) Song dramatization: The teacher can dramatise the songs into short sketches, thus motivating pupils. Assign roles and have the pupils sing their lines. Simple costumes and props can be prepared and used to make the performance more realistic.
Colour My World
Colour my world.
Colour my world.
Colour it red and blue!
Colour my world.
Colour my world.
Colour it yellow, too!
Colour my world.
Colour my world.
Colour it pink and green!
Colour my world.
Colour my world.
Colour my world for me.
I’ve Got
I’ve got a train,
I’ve got a ball!
I’ve got a teddy,
I’ve got a doll!
All the girls
And all the boys
Have got a lot
Of lovely toys!
Go to school!
School is cool!
Say your name
And go to school!
Go to school!
School is cool!
Say your name
And go to school!
Go to school!
School is cool!
Say your name
And go to school!
Go to school!
School is cool!
Say your name
And go to school!
Hello, Magic Forest
Hello, Magic Forest!
Hello, Magic Forest!
Hello, Magic Friends!
Hello, Frosty! Hello, Woody!
Hello, hello again!
Hello, Magic Forest!
Hello,Willow, too!
Hello, Arlina! Hello, Alvin!
Hello, hello to you.
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