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English Party

Ігнатьєва С. В.,НВК «ЗОШ — гімназія», м. Дунаївці, Хмельницька обл.

Aim: practical: to enrich pupils’ vocabulary and teach them to use the vocabulary in different situations; to develop pupils’ speaking skills through various creative activities; to develop the ability to take part in foreign communication; to teach them to work in pairs; educational: to develop the interest to the study the English language and respect people who speak English; developing: to develop memory and desire to study foreign language, to develop the skills of using imagination in certain situations; to develop logical thinking; teaching: to broaden pupils’ knowledge; to develop pupils’ sociocultural competence.
P1. Today is a wonderful day in our Complex.
P2. We celebrate a splendid holiday — English Party.
P1. Here you will meet junior pupils; they have prepared a fairy-tale for you, they will also recite poems, dance and sing.
P2. Senior pupils will tell you funny stories and play some games with you.
P1. So, let’s start.
Fairy-tale “The birthday of the Goat Dotty”
Dear Teachers!
Dear Friends!
We invite you
To our Wonderful Land
The Land of fairy tale.
Here you are going to meet
Unusual and magic animals.
Be very attentive and you will like it.
Goat Dotty
I have a holiday today
The guests will come
A lot of them.
A Rabbit, a Squirrel, and a Bear,
A little Hedgehog and a Deer,
A cunning Fox and angry Wolf.
Wow-wow. What’s a day!
It is very hot today.
Don’t forget about a Mouse.
Which lives in that big house.
Let’s get ready for the guests,
We have no time to rest.
I am a hungry, angry Wolf,
Maybe I will catch a Bull.
No! Look! It is a Goat!
What? She has got a brown coat.
He sees guests and runs away; Mother Rabbit and a little Rabbit come with presents.
Mother Rabbit
Everything is here nice,
She is happy, glad and wise.
Beautiful Goat Dotty
Is celebrating her birthday.
Little Rabbit
I’m a little, pretty Rabbit,
I can dance and I can play.
I like cabbage and carrot
I like everything what is sweet.
You have your birthday.
Present I must give today.
Take the bottle of delicious honey.
For my friend
I bring some eggs.
Take the eggs
And bake the cake.
Organize a holiday.
To be your friends
Is very pleasant for us.
We like to rest together,
And, of course, to dance.
Take all these presents.
My dear friend,
My pretty goat.
You are the best in our forest.
We wish you love,
We wish your health,
We wish you to be always young.
Goat Dotty
Dear guests!
My real friends,
Your attention is the best.
We will dance,
And sing, and speak, after that we will eat.
Song “Happy Birthday to you!”
Goat, we see
You have a lot of friends
Among the forest dwellers.
P2. Recently we have received a telegram from pupils, they want to make your holiday brighter.
They want to recite poems
About animals, I mean,
About your friends.
1. This is a cat,
She looks for a rat,
Her name is Pete,
She likes to eat.
2. This is a dog,
He doesn’t like frogs,
His name is Mark,
He likes to bark.
3. This is a pig,
She likes to dig,
Her name is Pat,
She is very fat.
4. This is a snake,
It lives by a lake,
It is on a log,
And looks at a frog.
5. This is a fox,
She looks at a box,
She makes a plan,
To catch a hen.
6. This is a monkey,
He is on a donkey,
His name is Pride,
He likes to ride.
7. This is a bear,
He sits on a chair,
His name is Toney,
He looks for honey.
8. I have a hare,
I have a bear,
My toys are here,
My toys are there.
9. A big fox
Lives in a box
And the rabbit
Has a bad habit
10. Tiger and bunny
Have a lot of money
They go to the store
For carrot and honey.
P1. Look! Who are these women?
P2. Don’t you see? They are gypsies!
P1. What are you doing here? Why have you come?
P2. Has somebody invited you to our party?
Gypsy 2. We like to celebrate parties, don’t we?
Gypsy 1 (comes up to the goat). I see that you are happy enough, because you have a lot of friends. And I see that in some years you will be the queen of this forest.
Gypsy 2. Look, Mary! How many guests have gathered here? Let’s tell them their fortune. (They foresee the teachers’ destiny)
P1. Gypsies, don’t speak so much. Let’s our children sing and dance. (They dance and sing together)
P2. Dear teachers, here you see several characters from different fairy-tales and cartoons. Your task is to guess what fairy-tale or cartoon they belong to? So, let’s start.
a) She is (The Red Riding Hood)
b) It is (The Cat in the Boots)
c) This fairy-tale is called (The House in the Wood)
e) They are from the fairy-tale (3 Little Pigs)
f) It is (The Speckled Hen)
g) He is from the cartoon (Vinnie-the-Pooh)
P2. Thank you very much. We see that you like fairy-tales and their characters.
P1. Pupils of our Complex have learned a lot of jokes for you. Meet them.
1. A Clever Answer
Betty. Black hens are cleverer than white ones, aren’t they?
Letty. How do you know?
Betty. Well, the black hens can lay white eggs, but the white hens can’t lay black eggs.
2. It Doesn’t Matter
Bessie is a little girl. She doesn’t go to school, and, of course, she doesn’t know how to read and write. But her sister Mary is a schoolgirl. She is ten.
One day Mary sees her little sister at the table with a pen in her hand and a big sheet of paper in front of her.
“What are you doing, Bessie?”
“I’m writing a letter to my friend Kitty”.
“But how can you? You don’t know how to write”.
“Well, it doesn’t matter, because Kitty doesn’t know how to read”.
3. The First Time in a Taxi
A woman took a taxi. It began to race along, missing trams, cars, policemen, etc. the woman was frightened, and said to the taxi-driver: “Please, be careful. This is the first time I ever rode in a taxi”.
“All right”, answered the taxi-driver. It is the first time I ever rode in a taxi too”.
4. Curious Bobby
Bobby. Why is it cold today, father?
Father. It is winter now. It is often cold in winter.
Bobby. But why is it cold in winter, father?
Father. Oh, Bobby, do give me a little peace. I didn’t ask my father so many questions.
Bobb y. I’m sorry. If you did you would have learned how to answer my questions.
5. A Boy’s Face
Teacher. Jimmie, why don’t you wash your face? I can see what you have for breakfast this morning.
Jimmie. What was it?
Teacher. Eggs.
Jimmie. No, eggs were yesterday.
6. Why Do You Carry That Umbrella?
Man. Little boy, why do you carry that umbrella over your head? It’s not raining and the sun is not shining.
Boy. I carry it now, because when it rains my sister wants it, and only when the weather is good I can carry it.
7. Will You Punish A Boy?
Tommy. Will you punish a boy for a thing that he didn’t do?
Teacher. No, Tommy. I shall not punish a boy for a thing he didn’t do. But why do you ask?
Tommy. I ask because I didn’t do my homework.
8. How Many Plays Has He Read?
Teacher. Have you read any plays by W. Shakespeare?
Bob. Yes, I have read two plays. One is “Romeo” and the other is “Juliet”.
9. Whose mistake?
Teacher. I don’t understand how one little boy could make so many mistakes?
Tedd y. It was not a boy. It was his father.
10. A Dog In The Bus
One very rainy day a woman with a dog got on the bus. It was a big dog and its feet were dirty enough. The woman sat down and the dog stood near her. When the bus conductor came up to her, she said:
“Oh, conductor, if I pay for my dog, can he have a seat like the other passengers?”
The conductor looked at the dog and its dirty feet and then he said:
“Of course, madam. He can have a seat like all the other passengers, but like all the other passengers, he must not put his feet on it”.
11. A History Examination
Jimmy’s aunt was asking his mother, “What mark did Jimmy get at his history examination”. Jimmy’s mother answered, “A bad mark, I’m sorry to say. But it was not Jimmy’s fault. The teacher asked him about the things that happened before the poor boy was born”.
12. Shakespeare’s Telephone
The teacher, Miss Brown, was talking to the pupils about English writers.
“Who can tell me of great English writer that we all know?” asked Miss Brown.
Janet put up her hand.
“I can. It’s Shakespeare”.
“Good, Jane. And who can tell me when Shakespeare lived? Can you, Bob?”
“No, Miss Brown”.
“Have you read this lesson at home, Bob?” asked the teacher.
“Yes, Miss Brown”, answered Bob.
“Well, why don’t you know? Open your book and read what it says”.
Bob opened his book. It says — Shakespeare — 1564”.
“Well, said the teacher, why didn’t you remember it?”
“Oh”, answered Bob, “I remembered that. But I thought it was his telephone number”.
13. The Professor Couldn’t Answer It
Old Mr. Brompton is a very clever man. Yet the other day he couldn’t answer his granddaughter’s question.
“Grandpa”, she said, “I saw something so funny running across the kitchen floor without any legs. What do you think it was?”
Grandpa thought and thought but he couldn’t answer his granddaughter’s question. “What was it?” he asked.
“Water” replied the girl proudly.
P2. Dear Teachers! We think you that our concert was interesting for you. We tried to do all possible to make it bright and interesting.
P1. We suppose that soon we will me.
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