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Festive Britain

Якобчук Г. І., Черняхівська гімназія, м. Житомир


• to practice active vocabulary on the topic

• to develop students' language skills

• to develop grammar skills

• to develop students' thinking, imagination and creativity

• to deepen students' knowledge of British lifestyle


Equipment: tape-recorder, CD, pictures, calendar, grammar tables,    post-cards, "flowers" for group work.




I. Beginning of the lesson



Teacher: Do you know what date is it today? Yes, it is ... Do you know what holiday is it today?

I congratulate you and wish you to be healthy and lucky! What other holidays do you know?


Warming up activity "Letter — Word"

Teacher: Take the card with the letter and say any word to the topic "Holiday". The first letter is on your card.

So, as you have understood, we'll speak about holidays today. The subject of our lesson is "Festive Britain".


II. Main part of the lesson


Matching activity

Teacher: Look at the calendar of the Holidays and Notable Special Days in Great Britain.



New Year's Day


St. Valentine's Day


Mothers' Day




May Day


The Queen's Birthday


Swan Upping


Notting Hill Carnival


Harvest Festival




Bonfire Night


Christmas Day


Reciting a rhyme "To Granma 's House "

Teacher: What are the winter holidays among all of them? It's winter now, so we'll speak about winter holidays today. And let's recite our holiday rhyme.


To Granma's house we go,

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho!

She'll have a chocolate cake.

There'll be some pies, of the monstrous size,

And chestnuts we can bake.

To Granma's house we go,

Heigh ho, heigh ho, heigh ho!

What lovely things the holiday brings,

The nicest things we know!



Teacher: On every holiday we usually give presents and flowers. And I'd like to give you the postcards (Christmas, New Year's Day, St. Valentine's Day). Make three groups.


Pre-reading activity

Teacher: Look at the word list on the blackboard.

(Pupils read after the teacher, definition, semantics, reading in chain.)
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • to sing carols
  • to celebrate celebration
  • the First Footer importance
  • people in loveb) Reading


Teacher: While reading, find the important information about the holidays in the text (ex.1, p. 101). The 1st group — about Christmas, the 2nd group -New Year's Day, the 3rd  — St. Valentine's Day and write it on the petals of the flowers.

(Pupils read, choose, write.)


Teacher: You are ready to speak and listen to the information about British favourite winter holidays. Now let's design the greeting cards.

(Pupils speak about holidays, complete the gaps with the best words, design the postcards.)
  1. Merry … ! We wish you …and … !
  2. Happy …! Let all your … come true!
  3. A kiss for you on … ! You are the …  of my life!


Relaxing time

The song "Happy New Year"


Holiday Grammar Casino

Teacher: During the holiday we have time to dance, to sing, to go to the cinema, to the game club or to the casino. So, now we go to the Intellectual Grammar Casino. You have to decide whether the sentences are correct or incorrect and find the mistake. Mind the Past Perfect, the Past Simple, the Present Perfect Continuous, the Passive voice. You may consult grammar tables.

Read the sentence. Choose whether the sentence is good or no good. Place your bet. You have 100 points to start. If you're right add your bet to your total. If you are wrong subtract the bet.


Good   No Good     Bet


1. He corned to the party yesterday.

2. They have bought presents by 6 p.m. yesterday.

3. He bought a hamburger and a soda.

4. Do Lisa and Elizabeth watch TV last weekend?

5.1 has been cooking dinner for three hours.

6. The written invitations are used to invite friends to a party.

7. My mother had made a cake before holiday party started.

8. How long have you been waiting for the guests?

9. This merry holiday are called Christmas.

10. Mark went shopping last Thursday.


New Year's Promises

Teacher: Every year, when the New Year comes, there is a tradition to make resolutions and give promises. What do you promise this year?


New Year's Promises

I promise to be very good,
I promise to do the things I should,
I promise to make my bed each day,
I promise to put my things away,
I promise not to throw my socks on the floor,
I promise to put my socks in the drawer,
I promise to do my homework right,
I promise not to stay up late at night,
I promise to listen to my mom and dad,
I promise not to do anything bad.


III. Summary

T. What is your favourite holiday and why? The teacher puts marks and comments on them.
Home assignment
Read the text to the end about Easter and May Day in GB (ex. 1, p. 101–102), and for the advanced group — to tell about Ukrainian traditions (ex. 5, p. 103).
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