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Тематичні контрольні роботи (6 клас, за підручником Л. Биркун)

Биченко Л. І., ЗОШ, смт Краснопілля, Сумська обл.

Test 1 (Travelling)


I. Translate into Ukrainian.

1. abooking office;

2. to buy tickets;

3. adining car;

4. a place of destination;

5. an information sing;

6. a boarding pass;


II. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

(nature, airport, luggage, sightseeing, railway station, comfortable, uniform)

1. It is very____ to travel by plane.

2. When you travel by train, you can see beautiful ___ from the window.

3. People like to go ____in another city.

4. When we travel to another city, we take our _____ with us.

5. Passengers have to arrive at the ___ early.

6. The train stops at the ____.


III. Make up sentences.

1. for, Hot, are, mainly, balloons, air, used, fun.

2. berth, Children, to travel, on the, like, upper.

3. a film, can, watch, During, the trip, you.

4. by rafts, People, along, travel, rivers.

5. buses, red, mostly, are, London.

6. triangles, sings, All, are, warning.


IV. Write a composition“My last travelling”.


Test 2 (My family. Friends. Character.)


I. Divide the words into two groups: positive and negative qualities.

Selfish, boring, clever, lazy, brave, neat, forgetful, tolerant, untidy, active, mean, disciplined.


II. Complete the sentences, use the words: (energetic, polite, clever, talented, helpful, hard-working)

1. My cousin always says “please” and “thank you”. He is ____.

2. Their children can sing beautifully. They are very___.

3. Our family plays sport every weekend. They are a(n) ___ family.

4. My granny always does something about the house. She is ___.

5. My neighbor’s son gets only excellent marks. He is _____.

6. Clark reads books all days and nights. He is ____.


III. Write the sentences the correct tense form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Julia ___ (to wash) her blouse now.

2. Betty and Sandra ___ (to visit) their relatives in London next summer.

3. They ___ (to be) tired yesterday.

4. The girls ___ (to sweep) the floor every day.

5. Can I speak to Laura, please! – Sorry, she ___ (to have) a shower now.

6. My mother usually ____ (to support) all my projects.


IV. Write a composition “A family is a little world created by love”.


Test 3 (Health. Food)


I. Make up the word combinations using the words from the box:

[orange, egg, potatoes, cake, chicken, salad, roast, water, mashed, juice, mineral, chocolate]


II. Choose the right word:

1. Fruit and vegetables have a lot of (vitamins/ fats).

2. Our health is very (important/ difficult) for us.

3. At restaurants we must remember about ( menu/ table manners).

4. People cannot live without (animals/ food).

5. (Fats / fibre) give you energy and help to keep warm.

6. The most popular drink in Britain is (tea/coffee).


III. Write the words in the correct order to make sentences:

1. potatoes, you, Do, mashed, like?

2. juice, My, drink, apple, favourite, is.

3. with, eat, mustn’t, You, fingers, your.

4. any, Have, fish, got, you?

5. to, you, coffee, drink, Do, like?

6. British, cooking, Most, simple, is.


IV. Write a composition “Health is above wealth”.


Test 4 (Shopping. Clothes)


I. Translate into Ukrainian

a) short sleeves;

b) decorative buttons;

c) a woolen sweater;

d) a leather belt;

e) a polka-dotted skirt;

f) a silk blouse.


II. Complete the sentences, use the words: (earrings, untidy, a school uniform, casual, put on, flowers)

1. At school we have to wear…

2. People who never clean their shoes are…

3. For playing or working in the garden we wear… clothes.

4. Flowery patterns have many…

5. It’s cold today. … your warm coat.

6. We wear… on their ears.


III. Answer the questions.

1. Do you have to wear a school uniform at school?

2. Can clothes make people happy?

3. What do people wear in winter?

4. Where can you try this suit on?

5. What is your favorite color?

6. What have you on?


IV. Write a composition “Seasons and clothes”.


Test 5 (HOBBIES)


I.      Make up the word combinations using the words from the box: (collecting, a bike, listening to, playing, stamps, doing, basketball, riding, crosswords, music, flowers, growing)


II.      Make up sentences:

1. people, different, Different, have, hobbies.

2. in, is, Music, everywhere, lives, our.

3. library, its, Every, has, school.

4. like, to read, Children, tales, fairy.

5. are, of, The Welsh, a nation, singers.

6. you, in, sports, Do, go, for?


III. Write down questions to the sentence.

Mark played hockey very badly last year.


IV. Write a composition:

My hobby. Sport in my life. Books are my friends.


Test 6 (Great Britain — Ukraine)

I. Translate the word-combinations into Ukrainian

a) a national flag;

b) the most beautiful street;

c) a very old church;

d) art museums;

e) the official residence;

j) a famous park.


II.   Choose the correct word.

1.  Ukraineis one of the largest European (countries/regions)

2.  The British capital is situated on the river (Thames/Dnipro).

3.  In 1991, Ukraine became an (independent/European) country.

4.  The symbol of Kyiv is a (chestnut/poplar) tree.

5. London Zoo is in (Green/ Regent) park.

6.  (Tea/'coffee) is the most popular drink in Britain.


III. Ask questions to the following sentences.
Hyde Park is the most popular place in London.


IV. Write a composition"So many countries, so many customs"

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