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Teachers who have individual lessons will nd this journal useful as it is designed to help a teacher quickly prepare an interesting private lesson.
The Tasks Are Reliable 
The tasks we publish are checked, which means there are no mistakes or typos. The facts we mention are true and interesting. English should bring joy not only to a teacher but also to a student, which is just as important. That’s why we make sure the texts are modern, exciting and proofread.
It Is Time-saving 
Let’s say you are looking for some interesting information and of course you nd it on-line: there is tons of exciting information. What do you do with it? Shorten, check for spelling and grammar, design relevant activities and print
everything in a student-friendly way. Once all of the above is done, your lesson has a great chance to be successful and motivating for a student. But at what cost? From my experience, designing a good 60-minute lesson takes about 2 hours. I do like my lessons and my private students are quite happy and satised with them. But it is so time-consuming!
Open this journal, take a listening task, copy the student-friendly handouts and enjoy the lesson together with your student! 30 minutes maximum to
prepare. So it is time-saving!

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Відгуки читачів

  • Ольга Калюга

    06 листопада 2013

    I looked through the pilot issue of Усе для репетитора I enjoyed word plays and crosswords. All the skill tasks are also meaningful, practical and sometimes funny which I like a lot) My opinion is that any private tutor would especially need it for extra materials and easy clear tasks. I would recommend adding some grammar material, like ways to present grammar at different levels, or maybe some interesting and understandable grammar tables, structural rules, smth like that. Olga, Kharkiv region