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Hello my dear friends!


All dreams should come true and this journal is my dream that has come true, nally!
More than 15 years ago I started to teach children individually and it changed my point of view about my future profession. I realized that working with children was my joy and destiny. I was not good at it, because everything I did was not very nicely planned or logically ordered. It was not as good as it should have been because nobody taught me. People say that teaching individually is so easy that you don’t need to learn how to do it. What can be challenging? Only one child is listening to the tutor and there is no one there to evaluate your work. It may be true, but I didn’t think so. I wanted to be a good private teacher, I wanted my students not only to like English but also to actually use it and improve it. I wanted to have some great results that would be noticed by a child’s parents and satisfying for me as a teacher.
And that is not easy. It’s possible to have a simple lesson, but teaching in such a way that a student will USE the knowledge and make some progress in school and beyond – that is the challenge that I wanted to overcome.
I am still on my way to making private lessons 100% eective with any kind of student. But I have lots of experience now and can design tasks that my students like so much.
So today I’m sharing with you the journal I was dreaming of more than 15 years ago when I had low-motivated students and their parents wanted me to make a miracle: to change their attitude to learning English and to progress in school, and to make them use English in real-life communication.

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  • Ольга Калюга

    06 листопада 2013

    I looked through the pilot issue of Усе для репетитора I enjoyed word plays and crosswords. All the skill tasks are also meaningful, practical and sometimes funny which I like a lot) My opinion is that any private tutor would especially need it for extra materials and easy clear tasks. I would recommend adding some grammar material, like ways to present grammar at different levels, or maybe some interesting and understandable grammar tables, structural rules, smth like that. Olga, Kharkiv region