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Глуздова Н. М., ЗОШ № 9, м. Орджонікідзе, Дніпропетровська обл.


Мета і завдання:


1. Поглибити знання учнів з іноземної мови під час вивчення тематичного матеріалу з теми “People. Health”.

2. Розвивати комунікативну компетенцію учнів на базі соціокультурних та соціолінгвістичних знань, умінь і навичок.

3. Розвивати мовленнєві здібності та особистий творчий потенціал учнів, уміння самостійно планувати свої дії, прогнозувати можливі варіанти вирішення проектних завдань.

4. Навчити учнів виконувати проекти, презентувати результати проектних досліджень.

5. Виховувати культуру спілкування, відповідальне ставлення до роботи у групі, позитивне ставлення до іноземної мови.


Форма:комп’ютерна презентація та усний захист.


План проведення


1. Повідомлення теми проекту. Вступ.

2. Що корисно та що шкодить здоров’ю.

3. Інформація про стан здоров’я учнів школи. (У п. 3–5 учні самостійно збирають необхідну інформацію та готують відповідні діаграми.)

4. Шкідливі звички. Результати досліджень. 

5. Спорт. Спортивне життя класу.

6. Здоровий спосіб життя.

7. Рекомендації та побажання.


P1. — The topic of our project is “A Healthy way of life”. It’s one of the most important issues of concern. Soon we are finishing school and surely for achieving success in future life we must be healthy both physically and mentally. They say, a healthy mind in a healthy body. Do you agree with this saying? I think, you do!


We know many different provebs and statements about health:

P2. — Early to bed, early to rise makesa man healthy, wealthy and wise.

P3. — Health is better then wealth.

P4. — The best doctors in the world are doctor Diet, doctor Quiet and doctor Merryman.

P5. — A good laugh is the best medicine.

P6. — Good health is better than good medicine.

P7. — Wealth is nothing without health.


P1. —Americans say “Live every day of your life as though you expect to live forever”. We are oldenough to feel responsibility for our health,for our future, and to be able to realize what is good and bad.


P2. — We made a research and completedthe diagram “Health of the pupils in our school”.(пояснення діаграми)


Питання до учнів

— What diseases do the schoolchildren have? (Відповіді учнів)


P1. — Each of us should know what we are to do to be healthy. Because very often we don’t think too much what food we eat and what water we drink, how much time we spend in the open air, when we go to bed. And we’ll be able to learn about healthy eating, clean living and sport and to understand how we can destroy ourselves with cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and junk food. You know alcohol, drugs are the sources of many diseases and are bad habits.


P3. — It’s the truth about smoking.

1.     Smoking pollutes the air around you and makes your non-smoking friends avoid you.

2.     It impairs your vision.

3.     It takes breath away and gives emphysema.

4.     It causes lung cancer and cancer of the throat.

5.     It turns teeth and fingers yellow and gives ugly skin.

6.     It wastes your time and empties your pockets.


P4. — The health risks of long term heavy use of alcohol are great. It is the third greatest cause of death after cancer and heart diseases. Alcohol also destroys vitamins and has lots of calories. Even small amounts of alcohol can dangerously affect driving ability. Many, many deaths (25,000 a year) in caraccidents occur because drivers think they can drive just as well after drinking alcohol.


Питання до учнів

— Howdangerous are alcohol and smoke especially for women? (Відповіді учнів).


P5. — The world is facing a drugs crisis. There are more young addicts today than ever before. This is a very serious problem. There are three main kinds of drugs-hard, soft and legal. They can all cause addiction, serious illnessesand even death. This attitude leads to the abuse of all kinds of drugs, which kills thousands of people every year and makes life miserable. Addicts steal money, lose their friends, hurt their families, are cheated by dealers, destroy their health. Thousands of drug-addicts die every year. Some die from drugs and othersdie from AIDS.


P6. — Many famous people have beaten drugs. Bob George – heroin; Lis Taylor — alcohol; Liza Minelly – tranquillisers; Don Johnson— alcohol and cocaine.


And we must:

P2. — Say "No"to drugs!

P3. — Say "No"to alcohol!

P4. — Say "No"to smoking!


P1. — Health is better than wealth, the proveb says. When we are healthy we are strong, active and full of energy. We have to take care of our health and do the things that are useful for us. Not all of us realize the importance of sport in our life. But sport is one of the things that keeps people fit. Ahuman body also needs exercise. Walking, running. swimming and playing games are very helpful to make our bodies strong. A person thatgoes in for sport, can’t be weak and ill.

P2. — We have found some information about sport life in our form.


Питання до учнів

— And what about you? Which sport activity do you prefer? (Відповіді учнів).


P3. — We belive that to be in good health means to have both body and mind in a good working order, free from diseases and pain. We propose you to look at the diagram “A Healthy Way of Life” and answer the question:

— What do you usually do for your health? (Відповіді учнів).


P3. — Everybody must do everythingpossible to stay healthy. If you want to live until100 you should keep the rules of a healthy lifestyle.


Our recommendations for your healthare:

1. Do regular physical exercises;

2. Be outdoor every day;

3. Eat only healthy food;

4. Get enough sleep;

5. Take a cool shower;

6. Clean teeth every morning and every evening;

7. Keep your body clean;

8. Keep your home clean;

9. Take vitamins regulary;

10. Attend various sport clubs;

11. Visit a dentist twice a year;

12. Have a complete physical check once a year;

13. Have all the required vaccinations;

14. Never smoke, nortake drugs oralcohol;

15. Smile and be glad.


P7. — We advise you to keep these rules and you’ll understand: “Life is so beautiful!”

Our group made and presentedthis project. (Учні називають свої імена.)

And we wish you:

P1. — to be healthy!

P2. — to be happy!

P3. — to be wealthy!

P4. — to be glad!

P5. — to feel fine!

P6. — to be wise!

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