Значення спорту в нашому житті


Сергієнко Л. О., НВК с. Ліпляве, Канівський р-н, Черкаська обл.


Тема. Значення спорту в нашому житті


Цілі: поглибити значення учнів про важливу роль спорту в нашому житті; збагатити лексичний матеріал з теми; розвивати навички комунікативного спілкування, тренувати шляхом діалогічного мовлення за темою уроку, стимулювати в учнів інтерес в оволодінні мовленнєвою діяльністю на уроках англійської мови; розвивати увагу, пам'ять, швидку реакцію та здогадку в учнів; виховувати любов до фізичної культури і спорту, бажання займатися спортом, збагачувати духовний світ особистості.  


Обладнання: малюнки з різними видами спорту, конверти з реченнями, таблиця „LexicalGame”. 


Тип уроку: застосування знань і формування вмінь та навичок.

Motto: A sound mind is in a sound body. 


Хід уроку

І. Організаційний момент

T.Good morning, children? 

C1. Good morning teacher!    

T. I’m glad to see you. You look well today!

- Pupils, who is on duty today? 

- Who is absent today?  

- Is the classroom ready for the lesson?

P. Yes, it is.

T. Thank you.   

ІІ. Мотивація навчальної діяльності

T. And now look at the motto and explain, please, the meaning of this proverb and give Ukrainian equivalents.

P. If you want to be healthy you must go in sports. Ukrainian equivalents of this proverb is У здоровому тілі здоровий дух.

T. What is life? What are the values of life? Healthy life means healthy way of living.

• trips,treks,journeys;

• doing regular exercises;

• taking a coed shower;

• healthy food ;

• life without alcohol,drugs and smoking.

• success in studies;

• kindness, friendship, love, respect, help.

T. Do you agree with these statements?

P1. Yes, I do …

P2. I also agree …

T. You have already known different kinds of sports. Let’s recollect them.

P1. It is racing.

P2. It is hockey.

P3.It is volleyball.

T. Thank you. And now imagine that you are a reporter. What questions would you like to ask?

1) Do you go in for sports?

2) What sports do you go in for?

3) Do you know the famous Ukrainian sportsmen?

4) Who is your favourite sportsman?

5) Can you skate or ski?

6) Are you a football fan?

7) Where do you swim in summer?

8) Do you often go cycling? 

9) Is sport popular in Ukraine?

Учні відповідають на запитання.

ІІІ. Розвиток навичок комунікативного спілкування

That’sverynice. And now let’s read the poem.

By Meghan Beardsley

Life is given as a gift, 

So wonderful and new

We need to live it day today,

Being careful as we do.


Our live can give us many years,

Or only months or days. 

Each moment must be savored,

And used in special ways.


Stop and take a moment,

To help the poorer man,

Or teach a child something,

Lend a helping hand.


Small things take but minutes,

And one thing is plain to see,

Great rewards return to you,  

Give the best of life; it’s free


What do youthink about the main idea of this poem? Let’s read it together.    

P.Читаютьвірш разом, а потім вибірково один-два учні.          



Т.Thank you much. That’s very nice. And now open your copy-books and write down today’s date. Translate the sentences into English and write them down. (Кожномуз учнів даються речення на папері.)      

Р1 читає своє речення й перекладає.

Р2. …


Лексична гра

Let’s play "The Lexical Game".  Make up the words given in a jumbled form. 

Ganske (skiing ),

Giisnmwm (swimming),

Ruhsdagt (draughts),

Mijgupn (jumping),

Oignxb (boxing).   

Т. And now tell me, please about your favourite kind of sport. 

P1. My favourite kind of sport is hockey. I like it because…  

Р2.I like  …

T.Thank you children. If you want to keep yourself fit, you have to go in for sport. What can you say about the members of your family? Do they like to go in for sports? 

P1. Yes, they do…


Гра „Розламане речення”

Т. And now, pupils, make up the sentences. You must put the words in right order.    

Учні одержують конверт зі словами, з яких потрібно скласти п’ять  речень.

• I liketo go in for different kinds of sport.  

•He is the best sportsman in our school.  

•In winter we make a snowman.

•There are many balls in our gymnasium.   

•I like to run early in the morning.


Виконання граматичних вправ

T. Allright. Look at the blackboard, please. You can see the sentence. Ask as many questions as you can to get more information.     


Діалогічне мовлення

Т. Make up a dialogue and act it. The theme of dialogue is "Sport". 

Т. All right. And tell me, please what is your attitude to sport? 

P1. I think that all sports and physical exercises are very useful.

P2. Sports prevent us from diseases.  

P3. Sports develop a personality.  

T. That’s nice. And now let’s read the letter of the girl and her attitude to sport.    


My attitude to sports

If you want to be healthy, strong and beautiful you should go in for sports. Nobody likes to be stout and clumsy. When I go in for sports I feel wonderful I don’t sneeze or cough. I am cheerful, active and full of energy. In summer I go in for swimming. I enjoy spending winter holidays in the country. There I can ski or skate. I think that during school years team sports are more interesting. That’s why the lessons of physical training at school are very important.        

I. What do you think about this girl?

P1. I think that she is strong and beautiful girl.

P2. She likes sports and it means that she likes life.

P3. She is going in for sports and feels wonderful.


Підбиття підсумків уроку

T. Pupils I see you know the sports well. Your marks are. . .

Your homework for the next time are: to learn the poem by heart, write a dialogue about sport.  

That’s all for today. Good-bye.  


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